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who we are

Welcome to the psychedelic  store. Here we provide you with quality products such as LSD, DMT, Shroom, Pain relievers just to name a few. Purchase our products today and you will not regret it. We stand at a 60-days unconditional money back.

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Our mission

Welcome to Trippy online store, We Sell Psychedelic drugs to over 60+ countries with many cartels and other services. We provide drugs to the Colorado state in all our capacities all done off radar. We sell dmt products ranging from dmt vapes to dmt crystals like the aco-4-dmt and the 5-meo-dmt since they are the bombs of our business. We also provide magic mushrooms all for affordable prices. 

We have Been around for 3 years since 2017 and now we are expanding in many countries so that we bring our products closer to the market. We run marketing campaigns all over the social media including Instagram and Facebook. We also provide door to door delivery services to our Colorado clients and we have our HQ in Denver and you can contact us directly for any available offers and information about your deals.

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Our values

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Genuine
  • Integrity
  • Build social value
  • Build customer’s long term relationship



Our Mission

We believe the user is responsible for his well-being and all other amenities as well as dosing of his choice so we give you the products you need without asking questions on how the end-user intends to use it.

We disclaim any harm or overdose caused by the users of our products as you are the sole individual responsible for your health and thus you are responsible for any problems brought to you by any form of carelessness.